5 symptoms you’re content with your life!

I believe that everyone has moments, where they feel unhappy and restless with their life. You probably do, too, if you stumbled upon this article. In these moments it get’s very hard to get even simple things, like running errands or going to work, done. I mean, where’s the point, if you’re feeling like crap about your life, right? Nonetheless, I promise you, this feeling of restlessness and lack of spirit is only temporary and you are in full control of your life.

A big reason, why we feel this way, is because media, advertisements and every slogan on television are telling us “that we NEED to reach happiness in our lives”. To me, this concept of happiness is just not anywhere near reality. That is also one of the reasons why this project is called “Symptoms of Happiness”and not anything like “pursuit” or “search” of such.

I believe in the feeling I get, when I hug someone.

I believe in the smell of grass on a warm summer’s day.

I believe in the taste of frozen banana-chocolate-peanutbutter icecream.

But I don’t believe that there ‘s only one way to reach happiness.

To me it is the current moment, the “NOW” where there is no tomorrow or yesterday.


1. I’m in the moment of NOW.

But how can we get there to experience more of these “NOW”-moments in our lives? I often catch myself thinking a lot about my future and past. What have I accomplished in my life? What do I still dream about in my future. It is important to think about these things from time to time. But it is not helpful to constantly let your mind wander around. What I tend to do, to let go of a thought is to write it down. Think about your goals in life. What is important to you? Take a piece of paper and a pen or start a journal and write down, everything that pops up in your mind. Don’t even think twice about it and if you make a mistake, just carry on. Write down your 1 year goals, your 5 year goals and your lifetime goals. Carry them around everywhere you go and reevaluate them month after month! And when you feel low, express yourself by writing or drawing it down as well. By writing our fears down, we are more capable of letting them go.


2. My body feels satisfied and calm.

What is the right way to nourish your body and soul? Since there are many ways to treat your body and soul right, I would like to encourage you in only one thing: Try to practice intuitive eating and thinking. Your body is capable of so much more than just, processing different sorts of food and it knows exactly what it needs to thrive. Start paying attention to how you feel after a meal. Are you satiated, does your tummy feel tight, could you eat some more? Think about the food you are about to eat. What is it going to do in your body and what benefits does it have for your health? How does it make you feel like? If you feel guilty about a certain food, you can’t really enjoy it. Intuitive eating is not a diet, it is a way to mindfulness and it will certainly make you feel at ease in your body, if you allow yourself to make mistakes along the way. Every little mistake is going to teach you, what feels good for you and what doesn’t.


3.I own only what sparks joy and has a purpose in my life.

As I mentioned above, we live in a very intense world. Everyday we experience so much noise and our senses get attacked constantly. This is one reason why we get distracted and loose focus from what matters most. So simplifying your way of life, your home and habits is something to consider if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by your possessions. Some people enjoy having lots of memories, pictures and memorabilia sitting around their home. But for myself and many other people, being able to live, sleep and work in a clean and tiny space can be so much more rewarding. This will give you the much needed freedom and will make it easier for you to live without things piling up around your home.


4. I practice healthy rituals and routines.

Have a look around you and realize that you are alive. If you practice meditation, that’s great. If you’re not into that, you can try the 5,4,3,2,1-method. It’s very simple. Relax and focus on 5 objects around you. These could be anything: books, a laptop, a cup of tea. Now  close your eyes and try to listen to 4 different sounds. This might be your own breathing, the heater, a car driving by. Now focus on 3 thing you can feel with your own body. This could be your socks, your arm leaning on a chair or a warm summer’s breeze. Now, try and focus on 2 things you can smell. This could be anything: your perfume, the warm cup of coffee in your hands. And finally: what can you taste? If your eating something, try to chew slowly and focus on every little bit of the food you are enjoying. If your mouth is empty, try and describe the taste you have right now.


5. I value gratitude.

Being grateful is not a fancy state of mind your are gifted with. Like any other skill, being able to feel gratitude requires daily practice and you can learn to feel grateful it, too. Keep a gratitude journal or start a gratitude-project on Instagram or any different blogging platform. For some people it’s easier to write things down, but you can also practice gratitude by saying each and every day, what you are thankful for. For example, when brushing your teeth in the morning, or just after waking up. I set a reminder on my phone, which pops up every morning with the question: “What are you thankful for today?”. Over time, you will find that you have a journal full of reasons to be grateful for what you have in life. If you are ever feeling in a low place and need a reminder take a look in your journal to remind yourself of what is special and great in your life.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to write me a private message or comment down below.

I’m sending you lots of love and a big bear hug!







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