Why I love to travel LIGHT!

Travelling and living with less can be an amazing experience. Having a backpack with only the essential things, is so liberating. There is nothing more soothing than putting down your backpack, after a long day of wandering around and feeling the weight on your shoulders of all your belongings. Last February, my husband and I travelled to India with only two little backpacks on our shoulders. It was our Honeymoon. With very little money and loads of love in our hearts, we took a plane to Mumbai and from there travelled mostly by train. We filmed the experience, that changed so much for us as a couple. I had time to contemplate. What do I want to focus on in my life? What are the dreams of my partner and I? Instead of lying hours and hours in the sun next to each other in a pre-booked honeymoon package in a huge hotel complex, we really took the time for ourselves. We faced our fears and feelings and talked about them. And by the end of our trip we sat down in a little Tibetian café and wrote a letter to each other about our inner feelings, dreams and visions. Here is a memory of our journey in form of a video. Would you like us to talk about that? Please let me know and I’ll film a video with my husband about our experiences as a young married couple..


9 Comments on “Why I love to travel LIGHT!

  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I’ve not yet had the chance to travel in India but it is definitely on my list. What were your favourite places?

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    • Thank you so much, I’m really glad to liked it. Our travel experience in India was amazing! So many things to see, smell, hear. It is like a rock concert for your senses. So far, my favorite places were Bodhgaya and Varanasi. But I’m sure there are many more..

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  2. Short and sweet! Is there an extended version of the video? I am Indian but it’s been the longest time since I have been to Jaipur. Would so love to see 🙂

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