3 amazing Ways SPIRITUAL RUNNING Has Changed My Life!

My lovely buddies,

I really need to get this off my chest: Ever since I was thirteen years old I remember I was struggling with weight gain and a wrong body image. Food and books have pretty much always been my way of escaping reality for a couple of hours. My weight was slowly but surely growing and when I reached my MAX I JUST FELT HORRIBLE. When I first started running, I was living with my parents in the middle of a secluded family-friendly area in the suburbs of Lucerne. Looking out my front window, I could see trees changing their colours as the seasons were changing. It was a beautiful place to live and grow up. We were living right next to one of those red Olympic-style running tracks. So everyday after Highschool I went for a run and I lost a bunch of weight in a short amount of time. But after a while I gave up running, when the days got shorter and the daylight disappeared earlier in the day. And I ended up putting back all the weight I lost earlier.


1. Spend some quality time in nature

Then I went to University and started dating my boyfriend (who now is my husband) and he invited me to go to the gym with him. I have never been to the gym before, until I met him. So instead of going to the red running tracks right by our house, I went to the gym after I was finished with my classes at University. It felt amazing to move my body, eat healthy and lead a more active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until my husband and I moved in together that I discovered running in a new way. Right behind our doorstep was a beautiful forest with wonderful trails to run on and I completely fell in love with running on a rocky track through the woods that reconnected me completely with myself and nature. The best time for me to run was in the early morning, right before sunrise, when the air was crisp and nature slowly waking up. Running through the woods is always different and full of surprises. Magical encounters with deer, running by beautiful flowers or watching amazing sunrises while finishing the morning run made each and every run unique and special.


2. Feel grounded throughout the day

In our day to day life, we spend so much time denying our needs, our ideas and ourselves as a person to please others or make them feel good. Which is totally fine, from time to time. But at the same time it is important to find ways to recharge your body and soul. It feels so liberating to just be yourself. No expectations from others. Just YOU and NATURE. Nothing can destroy that feeling of inner peace and joy, no matter what. By breathing the fresh air, feeling the ground beneath your feet and moving your whole body, you are experiencing yourself as a wholesome being. Whenever I start my day with a run through the woods I feel grounded and calm throughout the day – WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING!


3. Meditate while Running, Run while Meditating? Ether way.. it’s amazing!

I can’t think of anything more difficult, than sitting still, when I’m feeling anxious. So meditating while being anxious is pretty much an impossible thing for me. Do you know, what I mean? I’ve found that I need to get out and move my body to get rid of that extra nervosity that is trapped inside my fingertips and toes. At first I was running with some yummy beats in my ears, but lately I’ve found it more relaxing to listen to some guided meditations, mantra chants or even nothing at all. When I’m not listening to any music while running, I get to follow the rhythm of my own breath. Breathing in, thinking of one aspect that is empowering, breathing out, of another that is relaxing and freeing. A wonderful example from the Christian Tradition is the “Brother Klaus Prayer”.

My Lord and my God,
take from me everything
that distances me from you.

My Lord and my God,
give me everything
that brings me closer to you

There are so many beautiful mantras in Hindu and Buddhist Tradition you can choose from or translate for yourself or even speak in the original language. I invite you to find your own very special mantra, that is speaking to you and your needs.

The simplest example, just to show you what I mean:

While breathing out, think: “I’m freeing myself of bad vibes” and while breathing in, think: “I’m letting in good vibes only.

I’m sorry for the lack of fancy English expressions and the cringeworthy grammar mistakes I’m making throughout this blog but I’m constantly learning and practicing. I hope you could still find something that is useful for your own running routine.

I’m sending you a big fluffy hug! Thank you for your amazing support!





7 Comments on “3 amazing Ways SPIRITUAL RUNNING Has Changed My Life!

  1. Thank you for this inspirational thoughts. What are you talking, your english is amazing!!
    Looking forward to you next blogpost. ❤

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