How to tell them you don’t want Christmas gifts

Hi there beautiful soul I’m so glad, you stumbled upon my blog, since we both are looking for news ways to reduce our consumption to save Mama Earth. It is crazy when you think about it, that every year around Christmas we tend to produce enormous amounts of waste. When I receive a present from family or friends, it rarely brings me joy.  Seriously it doesn’t make any sense. Am I the only one, who feels that way? Am I crazy? Maybe. After watching the movie “Minimalism. A documentary about the important things” one year ago, I decided that I…

7 TIPS on How to FINALLY finish that master’s thesis

I guess you found this article because you feel pretty shitty about yourself and that master’s thesis you have to write. Well helloooooo there, I totally feel you, bro or sis! Last year around this time of the year, I was pretty much a hopeless mess. I knew I had to finish my master’s thesis and three different papers for three different classes I attended. It felt like a huge burden on my shoulders and I was pretty overwhelmed by it. I knew that I had to get everything done by summer and only five months left to do so….