15 positive Affirmations for my beautiful Soul-Family

I am strong with loads of love in my heart. I’m creative. The universe wants me to be my one true self. My soul is full of positive energy. I have a strong and beautiful aura. Everything I desire will manifest in my life. Something magical is about to happen in my life. I believe in myself and my ability to reach happiness. I choose to be healthy and happy. Everyday I wake up with a grateful heart and a calm mind. I love myself deeply. I attract abundance, love and peace in my life. I am free. It is…

How to have a Merry Minimal Christmas

  less shopping, more experience less consuming, more creating less rushing, taking more time less artificial, more natural decor (leaves, pine cones, etc.) less christmas lights, more soy/ beeswax candles less obligations, more intuitive actions less junk, more real food less media, more solitude less busy-, more soulwork      

When my beloved doggo died..

Dear friend, you have lost a loved one. It hurts. There are no words to make it right or hurt less. On 28th of November at 5pm I had to let go of my best friend, my soulmate our sweet little Nana. She was such a special soul and had so much love and joy to give. She was only 2.5 years old, when she had her first seizure. Over the course of a year her epilepsy got worse, month my month, week by week, day by day. At the beginning of January everything seemed okay. The vets took a MRI and told…

5 symptoms you’re content with your life!

I believe that everyone has moments, where they feel unhappy and restless with their life. You probably do, too, if you stumbled upon this article. In these moments it get’s very hard to get even simple things, like running errands or going to work, done. I mean, where’s the point, if you’re feeling like crap about your life, right? Nonetheless, I promise you, this feeling of restlessness and lack of spirit is only temporary and you are in full control of your life. A big reason, why we feel this way, is because media, advertisements and every slogan on television are telling us “that…

7 TIPS on How to FINALLY finish that master’s thesis

I guess you found this article because you feel pretty shitty about yourself and that master’s thesis you have to write. Well helloooooo there, I totally feel you, bro or sis! Last year around this time of the year, I was pretty much a hopeless mess. I knew I had to finish my master’s thesis and three different papers for three different classes I attended. It felt like a huge burden on my shoulders and I was pretty overwhelmed by it. I knew that I had to get everything done by summer and only five months left to do so….