Lovely Illustrations

Dear friend

If you are looking for someone to create a unique illustration of your special occasion, a loved one or for your wedding stationery, or if you need a personalized logo, I am here for you. I am specialized in creating custom family portraits in a dreamy style like you can see in the examples down below. Every illustration you receive is illustrated by me and made with LOVE.


How it works

1) After you’ve purchased your illustration, I’m on my way to making your portrait! Please send me a message to with 1-2 photos of the people/pets I’m illustrating and photos of your style of clothes (for example your wedding attire). Photos of people facing straight on to the camera are best. Also, please let me know if you’d like a text beneath your portrait (and what you’d like it to say) and if you’d like a banner or calligraphy style of writing.

2) After I have received your payment through Paypal, I’ll get to work on an initial pencil sketch illustration. Once the pencil sketch is approved by you, I will finish making the illustration with colors. And if there are any tweaks that you’d like made to it I’m happy to make those to get it 100% perfect for you.

3) Your files will be delivered to you through email and I’ll guide you through the printing process (if desired) to make sure you’re able to print these quickly and perfectly.

These illustrations are delivered in extremely high quality and can be scaled to any size for printing.

If you have any questions about my work, feel free to shoot me a message!

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