symptoms of happiness


My lovely buddies, I really need to get this off my chest: Ever since I was thirteen years old I remember I was struggling with weight gain and a wrong body image. Food and books have pretty much always been my way of escaping reality for a couple of hours. My weight was slowly but surely growing and when I reached my MAX I JUST FELT HORRIBLE. When I first started running,… Read More

I am strong with loads of love in my heart. I’m creative. The universe wants me to be my one true self. My soul is full of positive energy. I have a strong and beautiful aura. Everything I desire will manifest in my life. Something magical is about to happen in my life. I believe in myself and my ability to reach happiness. I choose to be healthy and happy. Everyday I… Read More

Travelling and living with less can be an amazing experience. Having a backpack with only the essential things, is so liberating. There is nothing more soothing than putting down your backpack, after a long day of wandering around and feeling the weight on your shoulders of all your belongings. Last February, my husband and I travelled to India with only two little backpacks on our shoulders. It was our Honeymoon. With very… Read More

I believe that everyone has moments, where they feel unhappy and restless with their life. You probably do, too, if you stumbled upon this article. In these moments it get’s very hard to get even simple things, like running errands or going to work, done. I mean, where’s the point, if you’re feeling like crap about your life, right? Nonetheless, I promise you, this feeling of restlessness and lack of spirit is only temporary and you… Read More